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Seriousd proactive time tracker which work like a parental control software for adult distractions and optimize your time. Then you will be please to know about Seriousd. Seriousd is a time tracker, which can detect, limit, or block out your distractions! Like I say it is a parental control for grown ups! Seriousd interface is slick and easy to use and really help to stay focus and keep all your distractions at bay. Discover and learn, how you spend your time and optimize your productivity. No more hours of work lost while browsing

Star Spot - Fun Memory Spotting Game 1.1: Star Spot - Fun Memory Spotting Game Be sure to check out our other apps
Star Spot - Fun Memory Spotting Game 1.1

Star Spot requires you to recall the latest flashing star while avoiding all the distractions that come your way. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and great for a killing a few minutes of time. Use your special powers wisely since it`s only going to get harder to recall the latest flashing star. Be sure to check out our other apps and games as well! Global Scores - Compared How You Do With The Best 4 Different Powers

stars, night, memory game, superstar, shiny, star spot, jingle bells, galaxy

Alphabet Flash Cards 1: Learning the letters of the alphabet is easy with Alphabet Flash Cards.
Alphabet Flash Cards 1

Learning the alphabet can be confusing to toddlers. Alphabet Flash Cards helps parents teach the alphabet to their children by removing all unnecessary distractions and by focusing on the main task at hand. Alphabet Flash Cards is a simple program which displays the upper case and lower case letters and allows toddlers to say the name of each letter. This method is very useful in assisting children to learn lower case letters also.

flash cards, learning, alphabet

Onefog Desktop Shooter 1.0: Shoot your desktop, icons and documents!
Onefog Desktop Shooter 1.0

Your desktop becomes your playground with DesktopShooter. Shoot your e-mail, shoot up your icons. But don’t worry, the desktop distortion is only temporary; press a key and it’s all cleaned up. Different digital distractions bring instant excitement to your computer!

funny, office, games, shooter, destroyer, desktop, icons

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CBC Radio StreamSaver 1.0

CBC Radio 3 is Canada`s top subculture radio station. This StreamSaver gives a real look into the future of online entertainment. StreamSavers allow you to download your favorite websites and portals as screensavers. These entertainment sites provide loads of original content and streaming television and music. StreamSavers allow you to become completely immersed in your favorite site with no distractions.

website, streamsaver, desktop, streaming, screensaver, media, portal, theme

AllegroSurf AllegroSurf - Sharing and managing the Internet the way YOU want it to be used.

distractions and temptations of the Web. AllegroSurf lets you specify what content is objectionable or unacceptable. It filters out annoying advertisements, intruding pop-up windows, and other Web nuisances while accelerating your connection with link prefetching and a shared cache. With real-time, advanced connection monitoring, you can see what the other computers on your network are doing right now as well as where they`ve been. Per user and server

sharing, connection, monitor, gate, surfing, modem, filtering, server, utility, control, internet, filter, accelerator

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Viapoint Smart Organizer 1.3

Organize desktop information across applications to locate relevant data faster for communication projects like sales, recruiting, research, and publishing. Instantly access context specific resources to eliminate distractions and reduce time lost running desktop searches. Viapoint collects and files resources into virtual folders through adapters to combine work you do in email, web browsing, MSOffice, RSS, ACT! CRM, and Google Desktop Search.

contact manager, information manager, microsoft office, search, outlook, desktop software, smart organizer, find, desktop search, email, opml, organizer

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